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The autumn of my life
(Matthieu Scarpa)

Here is my home
Here is my fairy tale
My tears are dried up

This is my island in heavens
My passion my odyssey
Engulfed in fog
Under the seas of my thoughts

Blue and gray
Forever enclosed
Gentle and sweet
My haven of pleasure
Irresistible for its songs
Made of honey and lyricism

I feel the freshness
Hatched in my hands
Salt and sand
Slipping through my fingers
Salt and sand
In ebony distance
A trembling murmur so far away

Silent and uncertain
Sumptuous death
The waves embrace this flavor
In the reddish abyss where it fails
It is dust and blood that I swallow
Dust and blood I tasted
Stained by desires

I keep calling it
But it lies
In my enchanting memory
My home is there
I am here
In emptiness
I'm dreaming
No doubt I'm dreaming
Everything moves
And wraps around me
Like a strange ivy
My body is dripping
I want to go
It is my turn
Time is running out
My sighs are broken
In a mist of oblivion
This is the autumn of my life
I need to sleep
I try to sleep
I have to become tears
Dust and blood

© 2015-18 Matthieu Scarpa, mentions légales